Using GPS trackers in the workplace


GPS trackers are commonly relegated to personal use, in keeping track of one’s car or pet. However, GPS trackers can be extremely useful in a business setting, regardless of the industry or business type. GPS trackers allow the user to have live tracking of an object or person. GPS trackers from expert provider Online Spy Shop, also come with smartphone or tablet software, allowing users to have easy access to what they are tracking at all times. The ability to have real-time tracking can enhance business efficiency and the smooth operation of everyday processes.

GPS tracking on farms

One industry that would heavily benefit from the use of GPS tracking systems is the farming or agricultural industry. GPS trackers are particularly useful when managing any type of livestock or animals on a farm. Attaching GPS trackers to the collar of animals can help staff track animals’ movements throughout the day, ensuring they do not break free from fenced areas. Tracking livestock can also help farm owners protect their businesses against rural crime. Rural crime costs farmers £54 million a year (Farmers Guide, 2020), as organised crime units target animals and machinery. Fixing GPS trackers to animals and expensive equipment, allows farm owners to track and retrieve expensive stolen goods. GPS trackers also make counting animals a lot easier, as you can quickly check software on your smartphone to know how many animals are present, instead of doing a headcount, thus saving time. Overall, having GPS tracking in place on farms can increase efficiency and response time to animal emergencies. Trackers can help ease staff workload whilst increasing the security of the property.

Lone worker protection

If you operate in an industry in which workers operate alone for long periods of time, perhaps in delivery services or operations management, GPS tracking could enhance worker protection and overall efficiency. Staff tracking systems allow management to observe the whereabouts and movements of their employees. If your employees are delivering goods, management can plot their route to avoid traffic jams or congestion. Tracking can also allow management to understand where cars are being left idle and if employees are going off-route. Modern GPS systems also allow operators to set up geofence areas. These areas are created on a map and management will be notified if employees leave or enter this area. This could be used to ensure employees stay on route, it also could be used to seamlessly clock in and clock out employees after their shift has finished.

Health and social care workers

In other industries, such as health and social care, GPS tracking can be used to monitor the length of time employees spend visiting patients or clients. These records will need to be kept and be accurate for pay and legal reasons, thus GPS tracking can easily record such information. This helps keep visiting records and employee wages accurate. If you do decide to utilise GPS tracking within your business, make sure you have an open discussion with your staff surrounding the benefits of GPS tracking and how it is undeserving of a negative stigma. GPS tracking can help increase efficiency, whilst increasing staff protection, thus it is a worthy addition to your business.