Before your interview

Group of entrepreneurs sitting in a hallway and waiting for job interview. Focus is on young businesswoman.

Mock Interviews

It will help you relax if you can get some interview practice before the real interview. Many careers advisers or subject teachers will be happy to do a mock interview with you, or maybe arrange for a local employer to help you out. Failing that, ask a friend or family member – the more you practice, the better your interview skills will be. It will make you feel more confident when it comes to the real thing.

Getting ready for the big day

Travel arrangements

Be on time! This means at least 10 to 15 minutes early. Arriving late for your interview looking hot and flustered will not help you to make a good impression. You need to work out your travel arrangements well in advance. Arriving on schedule will help you to feel relaxed and in control of the situation. So plan ahead:

  • familiarise yourself with bus/train routes and times. Make sure you know exactly where you are going and how long the journey will take.
  • do a practice run to double-check timings.
  • if you have an early morning interview some distance from where you live, consider travelling the day before and staying overnight.

If you arrive really early, wait in a nearby café or shop. If something happens and you really cannot avoid being late, make sure you have the company’s contact details with you so that you can ring ahead to let them know and apologise.

The day before

Collect together everything you need to bring to the interview the day before, for example:

  • the company’s contact details and name of the person you are meeting
  • a copy of your cover letter, CV and/or application form
  • the job description
  • a pen and paper for any last minute notes
  • educational certificates, if requested
  • records of achievement
  • any samples of work that were requested
  • references, if appropriate
  • your list of questions
  • a passport photo of yourself (you may not need this, but it might help the interviewer remember you when making their decision)

Interview techniques to help you get the job