Finding the job

Most careers offices have computer programs such as Careerscape, Kudos and Career Compass; which can help you match your skills and interests with specific types of jobs. Spend some time browsing the internet on the different search engines e.g. yahoo, google – searching for ‘careers advice’ on different sites as they detail the skills needed for different jobs.

The internet is particularly helpful if you have a career area in mind, to find more information about the pros and cons of the job and what skills you will need. You can also find useful publications and computer programs at your local library or careers office. This will help you to match up the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience you have to the requirements of the job.

Tips for moving forward:

  • Examine your list of skills and abilities.
  • When have you used these skills in specific situations and how did you apply them?
  • Are there skills that you don’t have but the need for the type of job you want to do?
  • Think of ways to acquire the skills you need.

Action plan

Once you have completed your self-analysis and got an idea of what you want to do, draw up an action plan to include:

  • Aims: where you want to be
  • Action: how you intend to get there
  • Timescales: deadlines for specific action points
  • Review: deadlines and ways to monitor your progress