Tips To Make Your Cardboard Box Use More Sustainable

As the Government continues to step up its efforts to hit Net Zero Carbon, a lot of companies feel the pressure to operate much more sustainably. However, with increasing prices and with the lead times worsening due to the shortage in cardboard, it’s nearly time to think out-of-the-box when it comes to finding sustainable packaging.

If you are aiming to be a greener company, you are likely going to end up choosing a manufacturer that has recycled cardboard. While this is a decent alternative, it’s not the most sustainable option. After all, it doesn’t help to take a piece of used cardboard and put it through the long and inefficient recycling process to turn a used box into one that doesn’t look used. The process of recycling itself is very harmful to the environment due to its inefficiencies. It ends up requiring a lot of energy and water to produce recycled boxes and it can produce and emit a lot of carbon dioxide in the process. What’s even worse, it requires new pulp to recycle cardboard. Therefore, you’ll end up needing more trees to be felled for what was supposed to be environmentally friendly.

A lot of consumers are now looking to do business with environmentally conscious brands and businesses. This includes searching for businesses that are using sustainable packaging. Verde Trader offers companies the opportunity to do this.

The Simple Reuse Model

For any company that wants to reuse boxes, we offer cardboard boxes that have been previously used as a viable alternative to purchasing new ones. These used boxes offer the same benefits as a used box, but they are more affordable and much better for the environment. Along with this, we don’t make these used boxes which means you can order them for quick delivery.

A Case Study:

There was an e-commerce store that had usage of nearly 20,000 double wall cardboard boxes every month. They were shipping these boxes out to every customer through shipping carriers. Therefore, they needed them to be both durable and strong. The online retailer was paying a whopping 80p for these boxes brand new directly from the manufacturer.

As soon as they heard about our Reuse Initiative, they became increasingly interested in the environmental benefits that come with it and especially the cost savings.

The Solution: We Reuse To Save Trees

Verde Trader offered the e-commerce site the ability to get used boxes in place of the new boxes it was using. The box was nearly the same size and the quality was even better than the brand new one as it had a more durable grading.

Environmental Benefits

When a company purchases cardboard boxes that have been used rather than recycled and used boxes, they are looking to use the most sustainable method for packing and shipping. There is nothing that is more Eco-friendly than a used box.

You Can Check Out Some Stats From Our Reuse Initiative:

– A total of 20,000 boxes were diverted from the landfill and re-used. This was a total of around 28 tonnes of cardboard.

– A total of around 145 trees each month equated to nearly 1,740 trees annually.

– 15.8 tonnes of cardboard material saved.

– Energy savings totaling more than 122,500 KW/H.

You can learn some more of the benefits of Cardboard Box Reuse here.

Cost Savings

The e-commerce retailer that reused cardboard ended up saving a whopping £6,000 each month. This totaled a very impressive £72,000 over the year.

The online retailer was also able to save a lot of money on their PRN reporting because they were doing packing in used cardboard boxes that didn’t need to be recorded due to the existing regulations in place.