Ask your friends and family about any job vacancies coming up where they work, maybe as a result of new posts being created or people leaving. You could put an advert in your local paper, social media, listing the type of jobs you are looking for, your skills and interests.

Recruitment advertising

Many job vacancies are advertised in local and national newspapers such as The Times. Different newspapers will advertise specific areas of work e.g. education on particular days. Ask your newsagent which day they advertise for the field you are interested in. Some journals are devoted totally to job vacancies in your part of the country and are available either from newsagents or your local reference libraries. Specialist and professional journals cover specific areas of work such as computing, pharmacy or education with vacancies from major employers. Even if you are not qualified for some of these areas at the moment, it gives you an idea of what qualifications/skills you will need for the future.

The internet

The Internet is an increasingly popular method used for researching and applying for jobs. There are a growing number of websites where job vacancies are advertised. Here are just a few:

If you are interested in working for a specific company, have a look on their website. They will usually have a section on current job vacancies and their recruitment process. You can also use the Internet to submit your CV via e-mail. It�s a very quick and efficient method of applying to advertised vacancies.

Local Careers Services

Careers Services can provide guidance to help you decide on career areas and match your skills to suitable jobs. Most Careers Services offer a range of information resources, including computer programs, to support you in your search for a job. They often have a notice-board with vacancies relevant to school leavers.

Recruitment agencies

These are increasingly used by companies to save themselves time on finding suitable staff. Recruitment agencies tend to concentrate on specific areas of work such as media, IT, catering, accountancy and so on. See the Yellow Pages, search on the internet, or ask your local Careers Service for details.

Other sources

Discuss your future plans for jobs or if you need help with making plans with your careers advisor at school or college, or with a local Careers Office. Your local Jobcentre is also a good source for asking for advice and social media.