Types Of Truck Driving Jobs

Photo by Gabriel Santos on Unsplash

The world of truck driving is a diverse one. There are many different types of jobs and companies to choose from, which can make it difficult to know where to start looking. The type you end up with will depend on your goals for the job, how much experience you have in trucking, and your personal preferences. Truck driving jobs are a prominent way to get your foot in the door of the transportation industry. You need to know the types of truck driving jobs before searching for truck driving jobs near you. You also need to have good knowledge about the requirements of CDL jobs by searching for such jobs. Here are a few prominent types of truck driving jobs as follows:

Dry Van Hauler Truck Driving Jobs:

One of the most prominent types of truck driving jobs out there, dry van hauliers operate semi-trucks with rectangular trailers and deliver shipments. These drivers must be able to load their trailer without assistance from others as well as unload it when necessary. These drivers don’t unload their own cargo in most cases, so they can focus on driving safely while protecting goods from harm or damage during transport.

Freight Hauler:

Freight hauling can be a difficult and complicated process, but it is worth the effort. Freight hauliers are responsible for transporting any type of cargo that isn’t delivered by dry van transport- which includes hazardous materials or oversized items. Travelling all across America with hazardous cargo in tow is no easy task – but it’s what makes these freight movers shine brilliantly. You can easily find out freight haulier truck driving jobs near you.

Flatbed Hauler:

Flatbed trucking is a tough job as compared to other truck driving jobs. The cargo can be anything from large machinery to bulky products that need more room than what’s available in your average van trailer- it all depends on where you’re going and how long the trip will take. As such, flatbed hauliers typically earn more than their counterparts who specialize just with dry goods or vans alike.

Tanker Hauler:

In the world of dangerous and exciting truck driving jobs near you, tanker hauling is at the top. Drivers are responsible for transporting any type of liquid from one place to another — hazardous or non-hazardous materials alike. They need skills that can be used in case there’s an emergency on board their vehicle, so they know how best to respond when things go wrong.

Hotshot Haulers:

Hotshot hauliers are the quickest way to get your goods from any point, and they can take as many loads per day if needed. Hotshots typically work with a class 3 or 5 truck paired up alongside their small trailer driving around delivering wherever it is that you need them delivered.

Local/Regional Haulers:

Local and regional freight hauliers are a vital piece to any successful business. They take multiple loads per day, come home every night- they’re like the utility bill for your company. Local and regional haulier truck driving jobs are very common in many countries, including America.

Our experts have discussed the most common and prominent truck driving jobs. If you want to start your career in this field, you need to know about various truck driving jobs near you. For more information about trucking jobs and CDL jobs, you need to keep visiting our website.