Apprentices virgin media


Virgin Media is creating an impressive 120 new apprenticeships, helping young people get involved with the increasing demand for the company’s superfast broadband and on-demand TV services. The positions themselves were created during National Apprenticeship Week.

The company has helped more than 350 apprentice engineers’ move on to full-time jobs within the past two years alone, and over 750 have benefited since starting training programmes in 2008.

Virgin Media currently offer three levels of apprenticeships, being: intermediate; advanced and higher. Each of these levels offer varying degrees of skills and difficulties, allowing young people a great way into the business and corporate worlds.

Paul Buttery, Virgin Media’s Chief Customer, Technology and Networks Officer, has stated:

An apprenticeship launched my career and all apprentices should set their sights on getting to the top of their industry. We are really proud of our schemes, which have been a great success over the last six years and are expanding into different parts of our business, including management.’

If you want to get involved, you can get the all details and apply here.

For more on Virgin Media, check out their careers guide and case study., 10th March 2014