8 Tips for Acing Your Next Virtual Interview

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

The workplace has been fast to adopt new technologies that save time and boost productivity as technology continues to evolve. In fact, according to a poll, half of the companies use virtual interviews to limit their application pool. Video conferencing technologies like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts have allowed recruiters to reach a more diversified, worldwide pool of applicants while also providing a cost-effective means to screen potential recruits.

One of the first steps toward a follow-up interview and future employment is to master the digital interview. Here are the best tips for acing your next virtual interview.

1.Check your net connectivity

Test your equipment before the call to avoid any potential technical issues. It might be time to invest in an extra webcam or microphone if your video conferencing software generates blurry sights or muffled audio.

2. Dress for The Job

You must dress professionally for your virtual interview, no matter how tempting it is to wear your jammies or loungewear. The upper part of your attire, including your hair and shirt, will be the focal point. Make sure you’re freshly shaved and wear a business casual button-up. You want to communicate to your future employer that you can maintain a professional demeanor in any situation.

3. Set the Scene and Minimize Distractions

Decide where to interview while you’re testing your equipment. To ensure you’re the focal point of the talk, find a room with good lighting, preferably near a window or a blank wall. Clean up your surroundings whether you’re sitting on your living room couch or in your home office.  Decide where to interview while you’re testing your equipment. To ensure you’re the focal point of the talk, find a room with good lighting, preferably near a window or a blank wall.

4. Sit Down Prepared

Just because you’re on a computer doesn’t mean you can look up answers on the internet in the middle of an interview, so don’t do it. Do your preparation well and be ready to answer any questions.

5. Turn the Table and Ask Questions

You can read someone’s body language more closely and have a more one-on-one encounter with them during an in-person interview. While a virtual interview may not flow as effortlessly as a face-to-face interview, you must ensure that it is still a two-way interaction. Most firms will ask if you have any questions for them at the end of the interview. Do your homework and jot down two to three questions you’d like to ask, customizing them to the organization as much as possible.

6. Ask questions you want to know the answer to

It is critical to prepare three to five questions in advance of the interview since this indicates your interest in the position and your ability to strategically prepare for meetings.   Asking thoughtful questions on things you’re interested in is wonderful; however, avoid asking questions just for the aim of ‘being clever,’ as this might come across as artificial.

7. Don’t Forget Eye Contact

You’ll be judged on the same criteria as in-person interviews during a virtual interview. Body language is one thing that many people overlook. It may be tough to maintain eye contact with your interviewer while looking at a laptop screen, but it is something worth concentrating on. By keeping your eye fixed on the screen, you can convey that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying. It’s best to sit in the middle of your screen so you can naturally stare into the camera.

8. Join the Call Early

You wouldn’t show up for an in-person meeting at the last minute, and your virtual job hunt is no different. You never know when the interviewer will pick up the phone on their end, and they’ll be looking for you in the waiting room. Opening the call a few minutes before your interview can help you relax and gather your ideas.