8 Car Hacks For Summer Driving

Driving in the summer months can be a hot and bothersome process, one that may leave you wishing to never get behind the wheel of a car again. But, there are some simple tips and tricks that could make summer driving a much more enjoyable experience. For instance:

  1. Driving in over 30-degree temps can really give your air conditioner a run for its money. If the AC does not feel cool enough, try opening the windows and turning on your car’s ceiling fans or other vents.

  2. In order to avoid having your car’s upholstery and cloth seats burn your skin, place thin towels or seat covers over the hot surfaces. You can also purchase special cooling gel pads from most automotive supply stores that help you stay cool while driving in even the hottest weather.

  3. If you are unable to find or purchase seat covers, try placing a bowl of frozen water in the backseat during your long summer drive. The cool bowl will noticeably decrease the temperature and make you more comfortable while driving.

  4. Get inside air conditioning with this simple home remedy: when parked in the shade, roll up all windows (making sure not to lock the doors) and turn on the car’s AC at full blast. This will cool the windows, seats, and upholstery while keeping excess heat outside of your car.

  5. Finally, if you are going on a long drive through the desert (such as across the Nullabor) and will be visiting multiple attractions or vacation locations, try to find one in-between point that does not take too much time for a break to cool you down.

  6. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you at all times when driving long distances: it will help keep your body hydrated and prevent heat exhaustion while on the road.

  7. To avoid having your car’s air conditioning unit break down when driving in hot weather, make sure to get it serviced regularly by a professional. This way you can stay cool and comfortable on your summer road trips and not have to worry about suffering from heatstroke.

  8. If the weather is simply too much for your car and you find it breaking down frequently we recommend getting a new one! Use a handy comparison site to find low rate car finance online to help you fund your purchase and you’ll be on the road with new air-conditioning in no time.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can enjoy summer driving even on the hottest days. With a little planning ahead and following this list of car hacks for summer driving, your next road trip will be more enjoyable than ever.