7 Indicators to know if you’re on the right career path


Choosing the right career is a big responsibility, especially when you are young and just starting. But regardless if you’ve always wanted a particular career or just recently got into it – it’s important to know if it’s the right thing for you as soon as possible! If you end up staying at a job just for the sake of it, hoping that it will get better in the future, you’ll just waste time and create possible problems in the future. So it’s completely fine and actually a good thing if you question your work! Here are some indicators that might be telling you that you are on the right career path!

1. Love what you do

If you choose a career due to your interests and the things you enjoy doing, chances are you’ll enjoy the career in the desired field. But it sure is tricky, if you choose a career path because of someone else, or the pressure to do something just to fulfil someone else’s dream – lots of parents pressure their kids into careers they don’t even want, and because of that a lot of those kids end up feeling miserable in the long run. How choosing the right education and career path can affect the rest of your life. But if you go into a career path knowing that you love doing that thing, it’s a sign on its own that you are doing the right thing!

2. Already have a plan

You have probably been asked before, where do you see yourself in the future? If you already have a clear vision of your career and know what you want to achieve – this is a clear indicator that you are not just ready for that career path, but also totally on the right track! Being eager to follow that vision and the ability to act on it will take you to high places!

3. Passion

If you feel like you are on the top of the world while doing your thing, and feel like nothing could come between you and your dream career – not even money… then you are really committed and driven by the right reasons. The never-ending debate money vs. passion is always thrown around at young people. But at the end of the day, if you are willing to make less yearly, but still have the passion and will to work hard – you’ve found your dream career and nobody’s going to take it away from you!

4. Wanting to learn more

If you are constantly rethinking all your abilities and always think you can do much better, this is a good sign that you want to learn more and improve. If you really love the thing that you are doing, you’ll always want to better yourself, see yourself do more and more each day. This is a great indicator that you can grow alongside your dream job! If the urge to learn more and expand doesn’t leave you after a while, you are definitely on your way to happy success!

5. Fear of failure 

A great indicator that you chose the right career path is your fear of failure. You want this so bad, that the simple thought of not achieving that goal terrifies you – it means that you truly want that job in the end and you’ll do anything to achieve that dream! So if you are feeling a bit uneasy and anxious, it might be just the fear of not getting what you want, just use that fear and work even harder to achieve your goals, let it motivate you!

6. Seeing progress

Another great indicator that you are on the right path is that you are constantly seeing progress! You are able to look back and see all the hard work you put into something and see how much you’ve evolved. This happens when you really love what you are doing, it comes easy to be good at something you truly love!

7. Happiness and feeling good

The bottom line is if you feel happiness and satisfaction when doing or even envisioning your future career, it’s a clear sign that you made all the right decisions. You need to be honest with yourself when it comes to this, it’s hard to accept that you made a mistake when choosing your career, but it’s so much easier to figure it out right away and find something that will make you feel happy and accomplished. 

To wrap things up

Choosing a career will determine how you’ll be spending the rest of your life, so make sure you can envision yourself doing something you truly want, this way you’ll ensure a fulfilled life and avoid dread and feeling unhappy with yourself. Always follow your gut feeling!