Why You Need a Brand Consultant

Here we are going to look at brand consulting and more importantly, why you need a brand consultant. Points we are going to cover in this guide include what a brand consultant is, the valuable services offered and how your business may benefit. So, let’s get straight into it.

What is a brand consultant?

The role of a brand consultant is diverse. A team will offer services with the aim of providing companies with solutions to increase sales and reach business goals and objectives.

In short, brand consulting services provide an advisory service, offering strategic direction and guidance for businesses.

This is why you need a brand consultant

So, let’s now move on to look at why you need a brand consultant. 

The perfect time to hire a brand consultant is at the start-up stage. Working with an agency can set solid foundations for your branding and take your business forward. This ensures your business gets off to the best start possible. However, this is not to say that you won’t be able to benefit from hiring a consultant if your business is already established, you will.

A consultant will typically work with the marketing executives of your company and/or key management members. Typically, brand consultants can:

·           Provide start-up businesses with brand identities;

·           Help established businesses to re-invent themselves;

·           Increase awareness of businesses and brands;

·           Devise a plan to take your business in the direction you want to go;

·           Analyse your biggest competitors;

·           Provide research into audiences;

·           Combine a range of services, depending on the needs of your company, including art direction, print, web design and more.

Now let’s look at some of the ways your business could benefit from hiring an agency.

1. Obtain a competitive advantage

To come out ahead of your competitors you need an advantage. This is exactly what you get with a branding consultant on board.

Your consultant will be able to study your competition on the market then go ahead and come up with strategic marketing programs and ways to boost the value of your brand. Therefore, your company gets an advantage over the competition.

2. Help your business to meet its targets and values

One of the first things a brand consultant will do once they join your company is to get to know the objectives of your company.

There will be an initial meeting with key members of the business to learn the objectives of your company and its values. They can help your company to reach targets and your vision for the business.

3. Avoid and get rid of bottlenecks within the company

A consultant can help your company to avoid and get rid of bottlenecks that may be stopping your brand from achieving the objectives and goals that were set out.

They will take a look at factors such as the sales force, motivation among employees, marketing tools, brand strategies and more. Once they have worked out where the bottlenecks exist, they will devise a plan and way to move forward.

4. Get to know your customers better

A brand consultant can help you to get to know your customers better. They do this by looking into what customers think about your brand and company.

The consultant will undertake research and find out how your products help solve problems, what expectations customers have of your brand and why they might choose a competitor over your business. This can help with customer loyalty.

5. Help to boost sales

To enjoy good sales you need good promotional strategies and a creative brand consultant can help you to increase your sales and reach out to new customers.

Consultants will work on promotional strategies tailored specifically for your business. This helps your company to increase product or services sales and entice new customers.

Factors to consider when choosing an agency

So, now you know why you need a brand consultant and exactly what such a consultant should offer your business. The question now is what to look for when choosing an agency. We have come up with the following tips to help you.

A personal bespoke service

When considering hiring an agency you should choose one that offers a personal bespoke service for your company. You need a diverse team that can expand to meet any project, however, big or small, whether your business is starting out or already established.

Offer guidance throughout

Your brand consultancy agency should be readily available to offer you guidance, support and advice throughout your project.

Treat every project as unique

Your consultant should treat each and every project as unique. This is something that we here at Ikon take a great deal of pride in.

Quick turnaround while focusing on quality

A good brand consultant agency should offer a quick turnaround while focusing on quality. This means we will never use a senior member of our team to pitch our services to you then pass you off to juniors to deliver.

Bigger is not always the best

When considering choosing your brand consultant size doesn’t matter. We are talking about the size of the company. There may be companies who advertise they have many dozens of specialists, while others are made up of a smaller team.

What is more important than size is what the team delivers? Here at Ikon, we keep things simple and hand-pick the best team to meet your project. We choose your team based on what you require and the fact they are the best in that particular field, with each member of the team specialising in different things. 

In summary

We know the above is a lot to take in, so if you are still questioning why you need a brand consultant we will summarise it below.

A consultant comes on board to give your company a much-needed boost whether this is to increase sales or help you to reach business goals and objectives by providing guidance.

Both start-up and established businesses can benefit from hiring an agency, whether big or small.

An agency can help your business to rise above competitors and reach new heights.

Are you convinced now that you need a brand consultant agency? If so, contact us to find out what we can do for your business.