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Giving a presentation is more straightforward than most people think. If you know your audience (who will be interviewing you on the day), researched your subject and planned the structure of your talk carefully, there is really nothing to worry about. You will be amazed at the confidence that thorough preparation will give you. Remember that the audience wants you to succeed.Further Information

Useful books

  • Successful Presentation Skills, A. Bradbury, Kogan Page Ltd (2006)
  • Presentation Skills for Quivering Wrecks, B. Etherington, Cyan Books (2006)
  • Presentation Skills for Students, J. Van Emden and L. Becker, Palgrave Macmillan (2004)
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  • The Complete Presentation Skills Handbook: How to Understand and Reach Your Audience for Maximum Impact and Success, S. Siddons, Kogan Page Ltd (2008)
  • Successful Interview Skills: How to Present Yourself with Confidence, R. Corfield, Kogan Page Ltd (2006)

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To sum up…