Understanding job roles


Getting people with not just the right skills but also the right aptitude is a challenge for all organisations.   The UK energy supplier British Gas ensures its new recruits gain the all-round qualities necessary to meet its high service standards through its employee training and development programmes.

Knowing what career to pursue is a major issue for young people.  A recent government report, entitled Great Teachers, says that sixth-formers should be given a chance to try out teaching, to encourage the brightest into the profession after they finish university.  (BBC, 1st May 2012)

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said the government valued teachers highly, but many top graduates chose other careers. Offering a taste of life at the other end of the classroom could help teenagers see the benefits of the job.

The Commons Education Select Committee chairman Graham Stuart said: ‘It is crucial that we have an educational system which celebrates great teachers, keeps more of them in the classroom, supports their development and gives them greater status and reward.’

Allowing young people to try out teaching at an early age would give students a better idea of the benefits and drawbacks of teaching as a career, improve the quality of applicants and lead to a lower drop-out rate.

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