How masters can improve your career


Unlock markets with an EMMS Executive Masters in Marketing and Sales. Explore all aspects of marketing and sales with the EMMS Executive Masters in Marketing and Sales. Taught in English and based in Milan, Barcelona and Madrid, this SDA Bocconi and ESADE EMMS programme delivers in-depth knowledge in an international context. 

Why is marketing fundamental for every business?

Businesses need sales. Successful marketing builds brand awareness while engaging customers. In turn, the creation of this customer base leads to sales and business growth. Successful marketing strategies create a need in customers for a business brand. Once this need has been established, engagement and interest must be maintained with the aim of establishing a long-term business-customer relationship. To do this, marketing must be ongoing and maintained at the highest level. The EMMS Executive Masters in Marketing and Sales teaches the latest marketing strategies that can be used to secure the future success and growth of any business.

How has marketing changed over the years?

The world of marketing and sales has changed dramatically in recent years. An online presence is now imperative. Without it, a business cannot compete. A decade ago, digital marketing was an afterthought, now it rests at the heart of any campaign with brand messages being taken directly to customers via the internet and social media. Social media, in particular, is a competitive world. It is a world where brand messages need to stand out while being consistent.

To get the correct brand image for a product, it is more important than ever to deliver the marketing message to prospective customers through their preferred social media channel. This involves researching the chosen online presence of target customers. By successfully engaging online visitors with products or services businesses are well on their way to converting these visitors into customers.

Using the latest advances in technology and staying ahead of developments requires a major investment of both money and skill. Employing staff with a Masters in Sales and Marketing Management is an excellent investment for companies who want to stay ahead of the competition.

Does a Masters in Sale and Marketing mean new job opportunities?

Successfully completing an EMMS programme in marketing and sales definitely opens up exciting new job opportunities. Successful graduates have the tools to engage customers as well as build and maintain a company’s reputation. This helps create a strong and ongoing relationship between a brand and its customer, a relationship that boosts sales and creates revenue while helping a business stay ahead of its rivals.

Staying updated is fundamental to business success

Staying updated in the world of marketing and sales helps create successful marketing strategies that put the customer at the heart of business development. It develops business credibility and a memorable brand that customers trust and will return to again and again. Since 1971, SDA Bocconi has been a leading business school offering marketing and sales programmes that drive and empower people to succeed in their chosen careers. Enrolling in an SDA Bocconi Masters programme is an important career step. Develop forward-thinking skills and strengthen marketing and sales knowledge without the need to take time out to study.