US sports betting market evolving has created many business opportunities


With the sports betting market in the United States rapidly evolving, it has created many business opportunities. Jobs are created by a market that is in need of them, and this is the case for online sports betting in the US, which has only been legal since May of 2018. When the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), it paved the way for legal sports betting on a state-by-state basis. 

As of December 2019, there are 13 states that have legal sports wagering, and it is easy to see why with such a rapid growth in a short period of time that opportunities are out there. For example, when the Hard Rock Casino opened in 2018 in New Jersey, the project created 3,000 jobs. That is just a toss in the bucket when you think of the jobs created with millions of residents in America allowed to wager on sports. 

Pennsylvania recently legalized sports wagering, and you can see its online sportsbooks and latest casino. 

New Jersey alone will have taken in around $6 billion in bets in 2019 alone. Much of that has come from the casinos’ sportsbooks and their mobile sportsbook applications. The tech sector is one that is in need of the growing US sports betting market, and that is just one. 

The Tech sector has seen many jobs that have been created by the US sports betting market. As mentioned before, online sportsbooks and mobile sportsbooks account for the lion’s share of revenue when it comes to states and their stance on gambling. 

PASPA was overturned in May of 2018, and there are already 13 states that have legalized sports betting. With most of them, there are online sportsbooks and mobile applications to take wagers. This creates the need for solid online books and mobile applications. 

From developers to software engineers and idea guys to software providers, the tech industry has benefited from the online sports betting boom.

The PPH Factor 

There are now many legitimate online sportsbooks where you can legally make a wager in the United States. Most of those are not the ones in the states where sports betting is legal. There are many more Pay-Per-Head (PPH) websites where an individual can set up their very own sportsbook and act as an online bookie. 

Actually, not act as one; they are one, as they have lines on their sportsbook, and they get players to make wagers through them where they make money on every bet made with them. There are many PPH services that offer these types of websites, and they are very popular these days. 

The Entertainment Factor 

With sports betting now legal in the US, it has had a big effect on the mainstream media. Fox Sports has its own online sportsbook in Fox Bet, and a show for sports betting, as does ESPN and Showtime, to name just a few. 

With more people betting, they want to know tips and such as there are now many shows on networks and YouTube channels that can give that, as well as good entertainment. With more sports betting, the more will want to know about it and information that may help them win their wagers. 

There are more business opportunities in the entertainment field, and those will grow as the gambling industry in the US grows. 

Now land-based casinos can also have sportsbooks on their premises if sports betting is legal in the state where that casino is. Many of the New Jersey, especially Atlantic City, casinos and hotels will also have a sportsbook that players can make sports wagers as well as watch games and drink and eat. 

That creates jobs as well for all types of service people as well as those who know how to run a sportsbook. The same goes for services and managers of online sportsbooks, as with the majority of money coming from that area of sports gambling, those books and mobile books have to be set up well and run smoothly. 

Again, this is when the tech sector comes in, but there are also customer service representatives needed as well as sports investing experts and handicappers. 

As the US gambling market continues to expand, so will the number of business opportunities. There are many sectors that have the chance to cash in on the gaming boom in America. There are many examples of this with just the New Jersey sports betting market, which has only been around a year and a half and is looking to rake in about $6 billion in 2019. 

That is a staggering figure in and of itself being one state, so imagine the numbers from the whole country, and especially Nevada. There will be more and more chances to make money in the US sports wagering industry and not just for bettors, but also for those looking for business opportunities alike.