7 Things you must consider before hiring Magento developers


The world is moving to eCommerce at a greater pace than ever before. eCommerce ensured that the business world keeps up and running amid global lockdown induced by the pandemic. The commercial landscape is changing more rapidly than ever. Are you too, like a zillion other business owners, planning to go online or revamp your existing eCommerce? Then this blog post is for you!

Your eCommerce development journey usually starts with choosing a platform and hiring a developer accordingly. With its unmatched flexibility and security, Magento has emerged as the most preferred eCommerce platform for all kinds of business. And it has spurred a surge in demands for Magento developers. But if you don’t take an informed approach, you might have a hard time getting the desired results from the developer hire. Here are the things you need to consider to get the most desired results from your eCommerce development project.

  1. Know your requirements 

The first and most crucial thing is knowing your specific requirements. Thoroughly analyze your business model and set goals and expectations accordingly. Evaluate the features and functionality offered by Magento and create a list of specific features you want to have in your solution. 

The best approach is to consult with experts before finalizing the requirements. For instance, at Agento Support, we have a team of business analysts and eCommerce specialists to guide every client. Once the client and the development team mutually agree on specifics, the development process begins.

  • Look for certified Magento developers 

The developer or team you decide to hire will determine the performance of your solution. So, it’s desirable to hire developers with experience and expertise. Developers often specialize in certain aspects of eCommerce. Ask them if they have any specialization. Also, explicitly ask about their skills and certifications offered by Magento. For instance, the candidate could be a certified frontend developer or a certified cloud solutions developer.

  • Closely analyze the company portfolio 

Experience is one of the most important things when it comes to the outcome of your project. That’s why hiring developers from a company with a diverse portfolio is a safe bet. The portfolio also tells you a lot about the company’s trustworthiness, professionalism, and project delivery mechanism, among other things. You can look for projects similar to your requirements to have a preliminary idea about how your solution will be developed and deployed.

4. Communication is crucial

What you need and how the developers precisely build it ultimately comes down to effective communication. The Magento developers you decide to hire should be to carefully listen to you and give necessary suggestions and feedback. Besides, the company from which you would hire the developer should have seamless communication channels. Skype, email, Zoom, and phone are the most desired communication channels.

5. Development time is important

Most eCommerce development or enhancement projects are responses to an urgent business situation. Hence, your project must be delivered within the estimated time. Explicitly ask the company’s track record of delivering projects in terms of development time. Also, ask questions like how they manage situations like bugs. Experienced developers would always be able to give you an accurate estimated time after listening to your requirements. Look for predefined development methods and best practices that the developers follow.

6. Testing & post-deployment support are pivotal

Testing is incredibly crucial not just in Magento eCommerce but for all kinds of software development. You must hire developers who take testing very seriously. Before hiring developers, make sure that the company has a well-established QA process. Elaborately discuss things like the experience of the company’s QA team, the testing methods, and the debugging process they use, among other things.

Post-deployed tech support is important for your business operations. In eCommerce, your relationship with the developer/company should not end after the solution is deployed. Your Magento eCommerce store would require frequent checks, updates, and security enhancements. Make sure you get these from the developer.

7. Healthy client relations make things better

Good communication, prompt support, and flexibility in transactions are some of the signs of a healthy client-vendor relationship. A good professional relationship built on the foundation of effective communication and transparency. You should expect these from the Magento development team you will be working with.

Wrapping up

Venturing into the ruthlessly competitive world of eCommerce is not easy. But if you have the right development partner, things become much easier. All the above-noted factors play critical roles in the success — or failure — of your eCommerce development project. Consider each of them carefully before you finally start working with a Magento developer or a team.

Author Bio

Ashley Brown is Sr. Magento Developer at Agento Support, a Magento eCommerce development company. She regularly writes on eCommerce trends and technologies. She also loves to write about tips and strategies that help business owners to hire Magento developers for optimal outcomes.